Saturday, 8 June 2013

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle By Tom Venuto Muscle Building Review

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Further enhancements or update, if you will, was at the end of the 70s, when he took his Mike Melter and spread it under the name

Greatest fame, however, recorded during the 90s, when it was literally embodied the monumental character of  burn the fat feed the muscle

Dorian Yates
It is based on the theory that brief, intense exercise is the best way to build muscle and strength during high intensity training exercises are usually carried out up to the critical point of your efforts until you can not perform another repetition in good form.

The method takes into account the amount of weight, number of repetitions, and the amount of time in which muscle group exposed to stress in order to engage the maximum number of active muscle fibers.

High intensity training is a general term for a short period of time in which they are performing their efforts, which is inversely related to the length of regeneration, or rest, which is relatively large.

In this area, there is a greater emphasis on recovery because muscle group needs more time to his recovery, after which time the body produces a "response" to stimuli induced by the training.

This philosophy also stresses the use of controlled speed when lifting loads and does so in a rather strict Repetition should be done at a slower pace and in a controlled manner.

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